Support for New Yorkers
experiencing homelessness

BRC is among New York City’s leading nonprofit organizations providing caring and effective services and housing to vulnerable New Yorkers, serving more than 10,000 individuals each year. BRC operates 30 programs and services ranging from, outreach to the unsheltered homeless; transitional housing and shelter; permanent housing; substance abuse treatment; mental and physical health services; workforce development and senior services, throughout New York City.

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Get Involved

Your gift supports BRC’s innovative programs, helping to change the way homelessness is addressed in New York City and beyond. 

Volunteers are an indispensable part of BRC’s services, and enhance our ability to provide New Yorkers experiencing homelessness a pathway from homelessness to home.

Make a career out of making a difference: help New Yorkers experiencing homelessness reclaim their lives by restoring hope, dignity, and opportunities for health and self-sufficiency.

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BRC's 2021

The Way Home Gala

June 16

Help us kick-off our year-long celebration of BRC's 50th Anniversary with the 2021 The Way Home Gala, premiering on-demand on June 7, 2021! Join us to celebrate a half century of providing a caring and effective pathway from homelessness to home!

Our Mission

Helping people reclaim lives lost: We restore hope and dignity by offering opportunities for health and self-sufficiency.

We are results-driven



Served by BRC programs



Rejoined the workforce



 Housed in BRC shelter, each night



Moved to stable housing



Positively discharged from a BRC program



Received substance abuse treatment

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