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Permanent Housing

BRC is home - clients have leases and pay rent - to over 500 people, including families with kids. And we're building more homes our clients can afford.

Finding and keeping an affordable home is a challenge for any New Yorker, especially for those with limited incomes, health challenges and disabilities, and limited histories of stable tenancy.  With demand outstripping supply, our clients have few options. So to improve the odds for the people we serve, BRC became a benevolent developer and manager of housing to meet their needs, creating caring and supportive communities. 


Today, over 550 households call BRC their permanent home: single adults and families with children, most previously homeless but some also needing an affordable home to avoid homelessness.  They have leases and pay rents they can afford; and if a crisis occurs, we understand, and we help. 

We work out a plan to resolve the crisis, and to catch up on back rent.  It’s a model known as Supportive housing, and we are proud to have been one of its pioneers. Just as our clients’ needs and desires vary, so do our housing options.

Rustic Interior Design

Old Style SRO

(Single-Room Occupancy) Apartments 

BRC has been developing housing for nearly a quarter century.  When we started, the standard model was a private furnished room, with several rooms sharing a private bathroom and kitchen. This model was attractive to those still working on their independent living skills, and ensured that core services were maintained by BRC.  It also countered the risk of isolation and enabled socialization. These housing programs also offered on site case management services, community rooms, laundry facilities and optional communal meals.


BRC has several such housing programs: