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Mary - Giving Thanks

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

This Thanksgiving season, we are reminded of the importance of giving thanks. At BRC, we give thanks to you, for all the support you've given us and the people we serve. With your support BRC is able to support our clients – those who continue to confront the challenges of homelessness, mental illness, addiction and poverty – as they move forward on their path home.

They are people like Mary, who was living in the transit system when our outreach teams met her: elderly, ill, fearful, and after many years living unsheltered, extremely self-reliant. Patiently yet persistently, our outreach teams earned Mary’s trust, and after many conversations, gave her the confidence to accept help and come inside, and found her a bed at BRC’s Lex Safe Haven, an innovative residential alternative to shelter, first created by BRC in 2006. After some time reacclimating to living inside, earlier this year Mary signed a lease and took the keys to her own apartment at BRC’s Palace SRO on the Bowery.

In the coming days there will be a letter in your mail with more of Mary's story, and data on the thousands of lives BRC impacts every year (if we have your address; if not please reply to this email and we will add you to our list). And there will be information on how you can help. You can also go to to volunteer, set up a goods drive, and learn about other ways you can provide a hand up to the people BRC serves.

Thanks again for your support for BRC and concern for the people we serve,


CEO & President

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