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Barry - Giving Thanks

I am proud of the success and accomplishments that I have achieved.

For many, many years I was homeless. My homelessness started in the mid-1980s when I started experimenting with the drug and alcohol lifestyle, which in my opinion made things worse, because of the cravings and the thinking of “I must have” drugs and alcohol.

I then realize that I was in this environment by choice, and decided to reach out for the help of professionals from all different levels to help me overcome this burden. Although I had the help of professionals I still had some struggles, which I kept going, going, and going through these struggles that were really hard to deal with and were unnecessary. I thank God for that time that he allowed me to realize that I was only hurting no one but myself.

Two years ago I once again experienced homelessness. This was the time I was found by BRC's Outreach Homeless Services Team, who found me shelter. Having gone through Bellevue, Wards Island, Bedford/Atlantic, and Jack Ryan Shelters, with the help of the BRC team I decided it was once again time for me to pull myself together.

Since my transfer from Jack Ryan to Cecil Ivory House a year ago, with a few bumps and with the continuous help of BRC staff, I now believe that I am a model citizen, which I am very proud to have become. I am also proud of what I aspire to be.

I am currently attending SUNY College GED program to obtain my GED and a certificate in Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking, being elected the Client Advisory Board (CAB) representative at Cecil Ivory, and also seeking to become employed through BRC Horizons internship program. These are my reasons to be very proud and happy of what my life has become, compared to yesteryears. This is my journey with BRC though short I am proud of the success and accomplishments that I have achieved.

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