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Membership of the Advisory Group for the Inwood Sacred Site (AGISS)

Updated: May 26, 2021

May 1, 2021

The AGISS was formed to provide recommendations to BRC regarding how best to develop the site in a way that appropriately honors the African and Indigenous peoples who once lived and honored the land. AGISS is comprised of descendants of African and Indigenous peoples, Inwood’s community residents and leaders, historians, advocates, and BRC staff.

Membership of the AGISS Includes:

  • Meredith Horsford (Chair) - Executive Director, Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

  • Chief Ayanda Ifadara Clarke - Ajibilu Awo of Osogbo, Founder and CEO, THE FADARA GROUP, LLC

  • Carol Stevens - Church of the Good Shepherd Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Ministry

  • Curtis Zunigha - Cultural Resources Director, Delaware Tribe of Indians

  • Don Rice - Inwood historian

  • Gene Peters - Board Trustee, The Schomburg Corporation

  • John T. Reddick - Historian & planner

  • Karen Taylor - Executive Director, While We Are Still Here

  • Elizabeth Lorris Ritter - Chair, CB12 Parks & Cultural Affairs Committee

  • Maria Lizardo - Executive Director, NMIC (Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation)

  • Natalie Espino - Cultural Affairs Specialist, Manhattan Borough President's Office

  • Nicole Clare - Chief Real Estate Development Officer, BRC

  • Sandra Harris - President, Washington Heights & Inwood Chamber of Commerce

  • Yvonne Wakim Dennis - Author, Education Advisor to Children's Cultural Center of Native America

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