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Strategic Plan

BRC's 5-Year Strategic Plan was created after extensive environmental analyses and engagements with BRC's workforce, clients, friends, supporters, and partners, this plan sets the course for BRC's future and lays out four overarching goals that we’ll work to accomplish in the next five years.

First adopted in December 2019 by our Board of Directors, COVID-19 arrived just as BRC was about to launch the plan. As a frontline organization, BRC had to shift focus to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of our clients, staff, and our enterprise. In the context of a global pandemic and the resurgent national conversation on systemic racism, BRC recognized an obligation to reassess the strategic plan to make certain it acknowledged the significant economic, social justice, and public health challenges that came to a head in 2020. BRC has done so in the addendum entitled "BRC Beyond 50: Reflecting and Recommitting."

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